PLAYBOY "Oktoberfest Munich"

A wimmelbild - illustration for PLAYBOY Germany about Munich's Oktoberfest.

In 2011 I did a Wimmelbild - style Illustration of Munich's Oktoberfest for WIRED Magazine. One year later PLAYBOY Magazine liked this image a lot and decided to commission their version of this image. This is what came out....see the list of celebs at the bottom!
I put the following  celebs in here:

RAMMSTEIN's Till Lindemann
Ricky Gervais
Louis C.K.
Karl Pilkington
Silvio Berlusconi
Steve Jobs
Amy Whinehouse
Yul Brynner
Flavor Flav
Captain Future
Joan Landora.k.a. Joan Randall
Die Antwoord
Han Solo
2 random Stormtroopers
Miss Piggy
The Simpsons (are hard to find)
Tony Soprano;
german Celebs:
Franz Beckenbauer
Oliver Kahn
Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor of Germany
Christian Ude, Major of Munich
Sara Nuru
Roberto Blanco
Thomas Gottschalk
Amos, Imperator of Pop
Uschi Obermaier
Rainer Langhans


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